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Wild horses Gallery is a new artist run exhibition space and studio spaces at Wild horses (café) in Sydhavnen.

The space aims to showcase both emerging and established artists as well as local and international in a friendly

café environment in the charming old Sydhavn neighbourhood in Copenhagen.  

Follow this page and/or our instagram for updates on what is happening in the space. 

you can contact us here for more information :

what´s on?

27.06 - 12.08
We Are Happy To Serve You
works by Ruth Bartlett


as part of the WORLD OF COFFEE 2024 program at Wild horses Café:

‘We Are Happy To Serve You’ by Ruth Bartlett is a multimedia exhibition,

a collection of thoughts bound together by coffee and design. This is Ruth’s

first solo exhibition in over a decade. Making most of the skills and material

knowledge gathered day to day as a set designer - she uses a variety of mediums

in her personal work, allowing her ideas to guide the method and final form of

each piece.


"As a self-titled "Coffee Wife" (one of a group of friends married to coffee

professionals) it was probably only a matter of time before coffee spilled

over into my creative output. Pun intended. With the World of Coffee exposition

as an annual pilgrimage for our partners (and a different city each year for the

rest of us to explore), it made perfect sense to put these thoughts together and

show them now in Copenhagen as the expo begins.

curated by Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir

_MG_0186 2.JPG

previous shows:


24.05 - 24.06 


Steinn Logi Björnsson, (b.1999)

An emerging Icelandic artist and recent graduate of the
Iceland University of the Arts, presents his first solo exhibition,
“Wild Horses at Wild Horses.” 
This collection is a vibrant and
dynamic explora- tion of his travels and experiences since graduation,
reflecting a sense of maturity mixed with a child’s curiosity.

From the serene landscapes of Seyðisfjörður to the vibrant streets of Morocco, Steinn’s paintings cap- ture the essence of the diverse places he has lived and explored. Each piece is a visual diary, offering a glimpse into the artist’s journey
and the inspiration he draws from the world around him.

_MG_9734 2.JPG

18.04 - 20.05 



A group exhibition showcasing the recent works of five young female European artists searching for new ways to move through a world of constant change.


The works evolve around the theme of refractions: It refers both to the physical way waves change their direction and speed when moving through different media, such as light through glass, but also to how abstract thoughts, intentions or practices can change paths - breaking-through something yet unknown.


Although their practices all originally came from working technically with the material glass, the exhibition will showcase many other medias such as ceramic reliefs, lino prints and analogue photograms, site specific installation, and photography.


GLASSMEETING is a continuous, reemerging exhibition platform moving between five young female glass artists from Germany, Denmark and Czech Republic.


Ida Cordius, Miriam Lagaidi, Louise Lang, Laura Sonne Lund and Michaela Trávníčková met during a training program in southern Bavaria. They decided to continue working together to explore the potential of showing their work in changing cultural contexts.


They first showed their work in september 2022 in Lemgo, and the year after in July they went to visit a faraway corner of Czech Republic.This time they meet in Copenhagen, for a spring exhibition at Wild horses Gallery.




29.02 - 13.04
Tænk dig gennem væggen          
Mikkel Sönnichsen

_MG_7544 2.JPG

‘Tænk dig Gennem Væggen’  is a debut solo exhibition by

Danish artist Mikkel Sönnichsen. Delve into a collection of

watercolor paintings that not only provide insight into Sönnichsen's

creative journey but also beautifully capture the essence of nature.

Mikkel Sönnichsen, has spent much of his life contemplating existence.

In his own words, "I've often hit a wall in my thoughts." This exhibition,

titled ‘Thinking Through the Wall’, unveils how art becomes Sönnichsen's

therapeutic way of breaking through mental barriers.

The watercolor paintings offer a unique perspective on Sönnichsen's dynamic

thought process. Notably, the paintings skillfully incorporate elements of nature,

portraying scenes that resonate with the organic flow of life.

The exhibition at Wild Horses Gallery provides a fitting space for contemporary

art that emotionally resonates and showcases the interconnectedness between

creativity and the human psyche.

Mikkel Sönnichsen (b.1989) is a Danish interdisciplinary artist originally from

southern Denmark. He has released records and toured as a musician under his

moniker Third Wife and debuted as a writer in 2023 with the novel ‘Landet på Livet’.

‘Thinking Through The Wall’ is Sönnichsen first solo exhibition as a painter. 

The exhibition is curated by Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir.

Framing by LIST 


19.01 - 23.02
Dancing in Diomede*         
Daniel van der Noon

a4 poster.jpg

Dancing in Diomede* a show by Daniel van der Noon at Wild Horses Gallery, Sydhavnen. Curated by Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir

Using the Diomede Islands* as a working metaphor to express the working together of opposites in close proximity to one another, this series encourages play between opposites through colour, lines and texture. Dry and glossy, red and blue, matt and oily. 

Little Diomede Big Diomede Dance Dance Dance.

This mode of creating images was first explored by Daniel in 2013, while this new series represents a fresh departure that meditates on Josef Albers’ seminal study Interaction with Colour, Daniel’s experiences experimenting with both synthetic natural pigments, and his deeper research into the origins of colour.

*The Diomede Islands are located in the middle of the Bering Straight between mainland Alaska and Siberia. Because they are separated by the International Date Line Big Diomede is almost a day ahead of Little Diomede, but not completely; due to locally defined time zones, Big Diomede is only 21 hours ahead of Little Diomede (20 in summer).

Daniel van der Noon (1988) is a British-born artist from Birmingham. He has lived in Denmark for the last 12 years, last 8 years in Copenhagen and the first 4 years in Aarhus. He is also a member of our Wild horses Studios.


happy merry.png

11.11.23 - 12.01.24




the first exhibition by Wild horses Gallery featuring 26 artist from all over the place.

The show has no theme other than to introduce and bring together multiple different

artists in a big group show to celebrate the one year anniversary of Wild horses (café)

and the expansion and opening of our Gallery space. During the exhibition the audience has been able to buy the artworks right off the wall meaning that the show has changed and rotated slightly throughout it´s duration. Curated by Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir.

Anais Valerie @anais.valerie
Andrea Filippa @andrea.flpp
Astrid Isidora @kims.dims
Camilla Haugstrup @_camilla.maahr_
Carmen J. Lew @carmenjanelew
Charlotte Bech @concept_lab
Christine Larsen @home_art_by_chris
Dan B. Schmidt @redboatraised
Daniel van der Noon @danielvandernoon
David S. L. Restrepo @davidlopezrestrepo


Francisca Meena @franciscameena
Gunnhildur Ýrr Gunnarsdóttir @gunnhilduryrr
Ingibjörg Rán Guðmundsdóttir
Jørn H. Sørensen @u_art_ig
Julia Karla @juliakarlala
Kasper Hjorth @hjorth
Lukas Keysell @lukaskeysell
Matti Isan Blind @matti_isan_blind
Mikkel Sönnichsen @third_wife
Myro Wulff @myro_wulff_studio
Nivikka Andersen @nivikka.andersen
Polly Bosworth
Qnud Caos @qnudcaos
Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir @sigursosa
Steinn Logi Björnsson @steinn.logi
Vilde M. P. Fredslund @vilde_marie_kunst

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